The Pop Shop is Keeping V2 Cigs Alive.

JUUL has closed down V2 Cigs but The Pop Shop is still alive and well, here is what happened. Chinese owned Huabao International Holdings purchased a majority stake in V2 Cigs for $23 million. Then in October 2018, JUUL labs bought V2 and parent company VMR for $75 million. JUUL is the largest e-cigarette company in the US. And JUUL will not be continuing with the V2 brand. As of November 1, 2018, V2 Cigs was closed but we at the Pop Shop 2003 LLC have continued to sell V2 products, the manufacture is the same but just the name of the company will be adjusted later on.

For current customers, V2 has issued the following information:

• All orders submitted to V2 after November 1, 2018 will be refunded. The orders will not be shipped.

• The 30-day refund guarantee ends completely on December 1, 2018.

• V2’s Vape4Free program is now ended.

• V2 is going to retain personal customer information until the end of the required retention period.  

After the retention period ends, all personal information will be destroyed.

The Pop Shop understands that these developments may be alarming to our current V2 customers. Where can you buy V2 products now? Answer: At the Pop Shop. The owner’s of V2’s customer email list will no doubt soon be reaching out to you to buy a different product. But do not throw away your existing V2 products! Because there is a promise that the Pop Shop can keep. If you like your V2 e-cigs, you can keep your V2 e-cigs! We kept alive the V2 EX Blank Cartridges, V2 Pro Series 3X Cartridge, V2 EX Blanks Alternative and the V2 Pro Series 3 Charger, as well as other products.

Our V2 EX refillable cartridges and batteries are made by the same V2 electronic cigarettes manufacture. Below, you will find a list of V2 compatible e-cigs, cartridges, and e-liquids.

Where Can I Buy V2 E-cig Cartridges and E-Liquids? At Pop Shop 2003

V2 sold standard E-cig kits, EX series kits, e-liquids, and refill cartridges. The Pop Shop has a compatible product for all. Both the MigVapor Battery and V2 batteries are compatible as well. Below is a list of V2 products and the corresponding products:


• V2 Replacement EX cartridges for the standard e-liquid kit are compatible with V2 EX Blanks Alternative MV Tanks with 2.5 ohm atomizers.
• Likewise, V2 EX cartridges can be replaced with the more intense V2 EX Blanks Alternative Max Tanks. with 1.8 ohm atomizers.

The V2 Standard e-liquid kit featured EX cartridges, which are basically mini-vape tanks that attach to an e-cig battery. The V2 EX Blanks Alternative work the same way and will fit perfectly on V2 EX series batteries. If you are a V2 customer and you have a supply of V2 Cartridges but need a new V2 EX battery, it’s the same deal. A MigVapor Battery will replace a V2 EX battery and work with V2 EX Cartridges. There is across the board compatibility between all of the components of the V2 EX Standard E-Liquid edition and the V2 EX Blanks Alternative. Pictured below are the original V2 EX Blank Cartridges which we still have on hand for you.

• The MigVapor Battery Chargers and parts are identical to the V2 standard charger.

V2 customers are actually in luck. Along with the selection of compatible V2 cartridges, the Pop Shop also offers an almost limitless selection of Fuggin Vapor Juice flavors. The Pop Shops empty refillable e-cig cartridges will work on your V2 e-cigs. With the blank cartridges, you can choose any flavor. Simply fill the cartridge with the Fuggin Vapor 80/20 e-liquid flavor of your choice. The Pop Shop offers an almost endless list of e-liquid flavors. You can also create your own flavor.

What E-Liquids Match V2 E-Liquids?

Fuggin Vapor e-liquids can match V2 e-liquids. That includes all the V2 flavors you enjoy. From Donuts to the Strawberry Shake, from Green Goblin to Red Dragon, you name it. Pop’s 80/20 e-liquids are an ideal fit with V2 e-cigs.
See All Compatible V2 E-Liquid Flavors Here
As a bonus, when you buy the V2 EX Blanks Alternative, they are compatible with Pod Juice salt nicotine e-liquid.  V2 did not offer a salt nicotine e-liquid but you can use a V2 e-cig with the V2 EX Blanks Alternative and Pod Juice salt nicotine liquid. That is because our cartridges are not only compatible with V2 hardware, they are also capable with both regular e-liquids and salt liquids.

We at the Pop Shop provide additional options for your vaping needs. We have the Mig Vapor Morpheus and MigVapor Bug Mini for e-liquid, we also have the Zeus Arc GT and the MigVapor Dray Rasta for dry Herb. For Wax, we have this top rated vaporizer called the MigVapor WASP.

As a customer, it is always disappointing when the company you have relied on closes so abruptly. Consequently, the Pop Shop 2003 wants to help. We are sorry that you were abandoned but we are happy to be able to help. And we are not going anywhere! We will be here for you for the long haul. By the way, you will love the Zeus Arc GT for your dry herbs, it’s getting some rave reviews.

V2 e-cigs are almost identical to and 100% compatible with our e-cigs, cartridges, and e-liquids. That’s the bottom line. Keep you V2 Cigs and keep vaping with the Pop Shop 2003.


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